Leverage Factor

Consider an all out campaign to provide clean water and sanitation throughout the world.

Project Cost Real world outcome Outcome estimates Economic value in Western terms Leverage Factor
Global clean water and sanitation $80b 1.8m children's lives saved/year [1] 2.6b lack clean water and sanitation and it costs $30/person to provide clean water and sanitation [2]; capitalize over 20 years $90t 1,100

This ignores other benefits of clean water and sanitation: adult deaths, non-fatal illness, and time saved fetching water. So the actual leverage factor is probably somewhat higher than assessed above.

Leverage Factor

1,500? - 2,000?

We question this result because the number of children's lives saved/yr 1.8m reported by WaterAid for a global campaign doesn't sync with the number of DALYs saved/yr 4.9m reported in Solutions to the World's Biggest Problems (Bjorn Lomborg, 2007, pp. 414) for a Millenium Develpment Goal 7 campaign, which is to halve the number without access to clean water and sanitation by 2015.